Blogmas #21: Elf Update

A short one from me today as my kids have broken up from school and I’m doing our annual “clear the old toys out ready for their new ones” shebang. So, here’s an elf update for you! Jingles is still spreading the festive cheer bringing lots of smiles each morning! Remember he was caught red […]

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Blogmas #14: Elf Update!

So Jingles has been with us for a fortnight so far and he’s been very cheeky, but very funny! He’s brought much laughter and joy to our household each morning and I’m excited to see what he has planned next! I’ll update you again soon with his next bunch of antics! Love, Dannii

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Blogmas #6: Elf Update!

So Jingles (our version of Elf on the Shelf) has been here for 6 days now and has been a very cheeky (and generous) little chap! This is his fourth or fifth (can’t quite remember!) year with us and he never disappoints – from his quirky little festive gifts to his mischievous ways, he never […]

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Blogmas #1: Meet Jingles

Yay! My first month of daily blogging! I am SO excited and have had blog ideas jotted in my journal for months now (seriously, since September – I can’t be the only one!). Christmas is by FAR my favourite holiday for more reasons that I could possibly list. Mostly though, it’s the lead up to […]

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