Eat Well Diary : Week One

One of my New Year resolutions was to eat better. Better in the sense that I need to eat more, more regularly, better choices and a more varied diet. I’ve recently lost weight unintentionally as I’m unfortunately prone to nausea as a side effect of Agoraphobia. I really need to nourish my body again!

My current diet (aside from it being January and us being so skint!) consists of skipping meals and only eating when I’m hungry, which isn’t often at the moment. I’ll pick and grab ‘easy’ food (crisps, biscuits, cereal) that will just settle the hunger but nowhere near enough nutrition to maintain a healthy diet.

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself

I always start my day with my medication for Panic/Agoraphobia and vitamins. At the moment, I take Magnesium and Biotin as well as a beauty supplement I got in a previous beauty box.

I won’t get too Sciencey but Biotin is great for hair, skin and nails, and magnesium deficiencies have been shown to cause anxiety, trouble sleeping and poor digestion.

Day One

09:00 Belvita breakfast bars x2

10:30 Frozen berry & almond milk smoothie (recipe to follow in another blog post)

13:00 Half a Lindt Chocolate Bar

14:00 Satsuma

16:00 Mini Cheddars and Activia Yoghurt

18:30 Bagel with bacon (fat trimmed) x1

22:00 Handful of grapes

Day Two

10:30 Bran flakes

12:00 Poached egg on brown toast

13:30 Satsuma, kiwi and grapes

16:00 Bran flakes

18:00 Mini cheddars and a banana (no dinner, wasn’t feeling great!)

21:30 Homemade oat cookie

Day Three

10:30 Large frozen berry & almond milk smoothie

12:00 Homemade oat cookie x2 and some grapes

14:00 Kiwi, satsuma and raisins

17:30 Chicken casserole (chicken, leeks, potatoes, onion, swede and mushrooms)

Day Four

09:30 Banana and blueberry smoothie

12:00 Pasta, salad with hard boiled eggs, ham, sweetcorn and caesar dressing

Day Five

10:00 Bran flakes

11:00 Satsuma & grapes

13:00 Ham sandwich and a couple of ginger biscuits

15:00 Banana and a bowl of weetabix

19:00 Smoothie and Activia yoghurt

Day Six

11:00 Ham salad wrap with Walkers crisps

12:00 Activia yoghurt and grapes

15:00 Caramel wafer bar x2

17:30 Fish and chips

10:00 LOTS of chocolate digestives

Day Seven

09:00 Satsuma, watermelon and an apple

10:30 Bran flakes

13:15 Poached egg on toast

16:30 Toast with butter

19:00 Bacon and cheese bagel

I’ll keep this going for the time being, purely because it’s really helped me to keep track of what I’m eating each day. I tend to graze and by 7pm realise I’ve hardly eaten! Fingers crossed this is the start of a healthier future 🙂

Let me know if you have any smoothie ideas or healthy, nutrient rich food ideas for me! Make sure you link your blog posts below so I can mention you if I recreate.

Love, Dannii

[This post isn’t intended to recommend diets/food for weight loss or healthy lifestyle, this is purely for me to share my nutrition journey with my followers and aim towards a healthier future]

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