Roccabox: January 2018

Roccabox is starting 2018 with a collaboration with The Style Lane. The theme is ‘Glow Getter’ and they promise to glow and restore with this box!

Roccabox is a rolling monthly subscription service that you can cancel at any time. You usually receive the box the first week of each month and it costs £10 + £3.95 P&P. You can buy it here.

Optiat Peppermint Coffee Scrub

RRP £6.99

It’s a nice scrub and smells lush, but it’s a sample size. There’s not enough of it to use on your whole body which is disappointing.

Face INC by Nails INC Rose Glow Youth Boosting Peel Off Mask

RRP £5

Ever since I saw they’d launched beauty products, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on them! I love this face mask, it’s so satisfying peeling it off *ahhh*

I think this is another sample?

akar Skin Lip Butter

RRP £9

Another sample (are you sensing a theme here?)

This looks pigmented but it’s really deceiving. It’s also very greasy and doesn’t feel all that nice.

Lord & Berry Eyeshadow

RRP £12

Another sample…

I quite liked this shade, a greyish green. When I opened the lid the teeny pot fell out.

Then I swatched it and, well, decide for yourselves what I thought!

Saturated Colour Highlighter Pencil

RRP £6

WOOOO! A full sized product!

It’s a cute highlighter but not creamy enough to use on your cheek bones, you can’t really rub it in and it’s a little hard to blend but it would be great for the inner eye corner, cupids bow and to highlight the brow bone.

Overall, I’m so disappointed with Roccabox recently that I have decided to cancel my subscription. I just can’t justify spending £10 + shipping on a handful of one use samples which seems to be a regular thing lately. Most of the time the full size products aren’t ones I’d use anyway and I end up giving them away.

Maybe in the future I’ll resubscribe, but for now Roccabox, it’s over between us 😦

Love, Dannii

2 thoughts on “Roccabox: January 2018

  1. I agree January’s box and a few before were quite lame and I almost cancelled. But I’ve just recieved my February box and for once I love every single item. Although Roccabox needs to do much more than one good box to ensure they can keep me

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