Glossybox: January 2018

The start of the year and my first beauty box of the year so far!

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box costing £10 per month + postage and you get approx 5 beauty/make up items to enjoy.

You can order yours here for a 20% discount! USE CODE DANNII-R2

This month’s box theme is self-care and indulging and nourishing ourselves!

Beauty Beneath Supplement

RRP £39.99

Firstly, how pretty are the capsules?! SOLD! I do love a vitamin so I was quite happy to receive these. Will I be buying them again at £40?! Not a friggin’ chance in Hell.

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics, Green Tea Primer (travel size)

RRP £22

Let me start by saying something controversial… everyone raves about Benefit Porefessional but I actually despise the way it feels on my face. I don’t usually apply a primer unless I’m feeling fancy but this one is like the perfect primer! It’s quite tacky (as in consistency, not style), but very moisturising and foundation applies well over the top. And it’s vegan, nice touch!

Nail Medic Rejuvenator

RRP £5.99

I’d hazard a guess that maybe 80% of Glossybox customers have nail extensions, so I’m not sure this will be a hit across the board. I’m not sure if it’s likely to make falsies lift?

Apicia Cream Blush

RRP £22

I’m not a fan of cream blush so I did let out a teeny weeny disappointed sigh when I came to this product.

I can’t even say the swatch helped as it was very orange toned and far too dark for my skin tone.

Botanicals Superfood Facial Oil (travel size)

RRP £55

OK, this is without doubt my favourite product in this box. I don’t know if it’s the pipette or the packaging that gets me excited but there is something ridiculously satisfying about picking up the pipe and dripping this gorgeous stuff around your face like the gorgeous YouTubers do!

Not only is the application pretty awesome, it ACTUALLY WORKS. It’s brilliantly moisturising and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It’s just so beautiful I can’t put into words!

Glossybox have certainly nailed their brief with the self care theme. Nourishment from the inside out, from our fingers to our toes, and a cheeky blush for a bit of a rosy glow!

I’m really happy with the box. I am SO FREAKIN’ happy with the facial oil! I think this could be a permanent member of my make up box you know… time will tell!

Love, Dannii x


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