Valentine’s Gift Guide (for Him)

I’m not strictly the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, per se. Actually, no. I’m not a fan of it. We usually only buy each other a card full of beautiful words and do the obligatory vom-inducing Facebook status. Although this Valentine’s Day will mark 10 years since my Husband proposed so I definitely want to mark it in some way!

This gift guide is filled with fabulous gifts for your man that will definitely get him putting his socks away;

1) The Book of Us, £30.00

This is just the cutest! A personalised animated book of your life together. You can come up with quirky quotes, edit pages and add personal details to make it a really sacred gift.

2) 52 Date Night Cards, £24

I love this idea, with ‘go stargazing’, ‘first date’, and ‘breakfast in bed’ amongst 49 other ideas to spend quality time together, what a way to keep the romance going for another year!

3) Wooden 24 Sampler Beard Oil Set, £39.99

If your man has a beard, this is the perfect gift idea! You’ll benefit when you kiss him and get soft, gorgeous smelling facial hair against your skin 😉

4) Retro Sweets, £12.95

If your budget doesn’t extend far but you want to ‘treat’ your man, this is a cute idea!

5. Matching Mugs, £19.90

You can get cheaper versions but I thought these were so cute (plus, you get a spoon included – I’m sold)

6. Experience Days (price varies)

Now, I’m not suggesting he’ll love you any more by buying him a tour of his favourite football club, a driving experience in his favourite sports car or a helicopter ride, but the chance is pretty high. These experiences are usually for two people, so you can get in on the action too!

7. Pillow, £13.69

If you don’t live with your beau, spraying your favourite perfume on this pillow would be a sweet idea!

8. I won’t go into too much detail because I’m not that kinda site, but I’ll just leave this here for you kinkier lot… Love Honey

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, enjoy it and remember it’s not about the lavish gifts, time is better spent than money ♥️

Love, Dannii

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