Blogmas #23 Christmas Crafts

I’ve just binge watched pretty much all the Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas series’ and I now have festive craftiness running through my veins! If you haven’t watched it and you LOVE crafts, you really need to!

Every year my kids make something handmade for relatives. Last year my Daughter (who was 8) stitched felt keyrings personal to the recipient and she got SO much pleasure in crafting them herself and handing them over that we decided to do even more crafty gifts this year!

I’m not being that crafty *myself* this year (I’ve made up pretty hampers and I came up with the craft ideas – some with a little help from good ol’ Pinterest) but my kids did all the hard work!

Gingerbread Houses

This was just for fun. So I took 99% of the stress out and bought kits for £4 each at Tesco instead of baking the gingerbread myself this year. Much sturdier results!

Pen Pots

Low cost, simple, but a really fab idea for kids to get their creative juices flowing!

I bought plain plastic pen pots from Amazon and bought some trusty Sharpies.

Betsy (1.5 years) enjoyed it too!

Initials with Wool

Such an easy and cheap craft idea for kids. This is essentially wrapping wool around cardboard cut outs and glueing on embellishments!

All you need is:






Decorated Tea Bag Holders

These were less than a fiver from Amazon and the kids used Sharpies to decorate!

We finished them off with a tea bag and popped them in individual cookie bags.

Love, Dannii

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