Blogmas #19: Rudolph Red Lips

Every day can be a red lip day, but Christmas Day is a must, right?!

Here are my top 4 perfect red lip products to give your pout a colour that will have Rudolph envious…

(From L-R)

Avon – Mauve Matters

This is a really gorgeous pinky/purple toned red. Not too bright but red enough for Christmas. It’s a lip stick so you would need to reapply throughout the day but it’s got a satin finish so it’s very pretty!

w7 Mega Matte – Hasta La Vista

This is a ‘proper red’, think London bus type red. It’s an amazing formula liquid lipstick as it dries quickly and lasts for ages with VERY little transfer!

MUA – Coral Flush

As the name suggests, this red is more orange toned so it’s pretty bold and stand out! It’s £1 so definitely a budget version, but it lasts well with lip liner and a spritz of setting spray for the price!

MUA Luxe – Dash

This is a darker mauve toned liquid lipstick but the formula is fab. It’s not drying (although I’d always recommend lip balm as a base for liquid lipsticks) and doesn’t need topping up regularly.

What’s your perfect red?

Love, Dannii


One thought on “Blogmas #19: Rudolph Red Lips

  1. I love reds for holidays but for some reason the past two years I’ve been wearing pinks for Christmas! I enjoy MAC’s Viva Glam 1-stays on forever and stands out!

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