Blogmas #16: How To Be Kind This Christmas

We all know the REAL meaning of Christmas spirit is kindness and love, but we often forget in the wrapping, buying and decorating madness the bigger picture. It’s easily done.

Whilst we’re spending £££s on thoughtful gifts, kindness is free! A little kindness goes a long way and 5 minutes of your time not only truly makes someone’s day but will also give you a huge buzz and feel good vibe!

1. Christmas Cards: An obvious one but why limit your list to people you know? What about that lady down the road who always smiles at you? You don’t have to know someone’s name to send a card. You could write something as simple as “to the lady who is always smiling when you pass me in the street, Merry Christmas! Love Dannii” from

2. Charity: I wrote about food donations yesterday but I wanted to include this here. Around Christmas, charities take advantage of the fact we’re feeling super generous and unpaid volunteers will often stand in the freezing cold with their Christmas hats on rattling their donation boxes in the hope to raise awareness and money over Christmas. You could buy them a coffee or change up £10/£20 into pound coins and take a little walk around the town in search of donation boxes.

(Image from

3. Offer your time: You could post on your local Facebook group offering your company to anyone who may be lonely this time of year, any odd jobs that need doing or a little clean of their home if they’re unable to do it. You could also offer to volunteer in a charity shop or at a local Home.

(Image from

4. Help the Homeless: Never forget that we are one month away from homelessness, if that isn’t powerful enough to make you stop and think, I don’t know what is. The stigma that homeless people are addicts and/or criminals is slowly fading and this is the perfect time of year to donate some old warm clothes or flasks of tea/soup!

(Image from

5. Christmas Rocks: They’re doing the rounds in villages and towns in the UK. If you don’t already know, these are decorated rocks hidden around your local area. A lick of paint or sharpies finished with some varnish and voila! You have pretty, festive rocks to pop on people’s doorsteps which is guaranteed to leave a smile! (The idea is to find them and re-hide them somewhere else for others to do the same – it’s good fun with the kids!)

(Image from

I hope this has inspired you to think outside of the box and be extra kind this Christmas. No amount of hot chocolate or festive coffees will give you the warmth inside of you like being kind will.

Love, Dannii


3 thoughts on “Blogmas #16: How To Be Kind This Christmas

  1. I really love this post! I haven’t seen many posts like this for blogmas so far! I am going to do each of these ideas. Because I’m definitely inspired to do so! Great post!

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