Blogmas #15: Charity at Christmas

I am fortunate enough to have never been in a position where I’ve had to visit a food bank in order to feed my family. I know this is sadly a common issue, particularly in the UK.

People of all walks of life find the need to reach out to food banks at certain points. It could be due to redundancy, low income, an unexpected bill. Food banks not only provide a place for people in need to turn to in a crisis for food, but they provide a place to turn to talk, to resolve the underlying issue and to get back on their feet again.

2 years ago our Elf started our annual tradition and gave my children money to buy things for our local Trussell Trust food bank and the kids had great fun carefully choosing non perishable items to donate. It really touched their hearts and made them feel great when they bagged it all up to hand over! I got so much pleasure knowing I’d help a family locally; who knows, that might be me one day.

If you can, even if it’s a 12p tin of beans, or a 50p packet of pasta, please donate to food banks. All items must be non perishable, you can also donate sanitary-ware, clothes, toys, gifts and household items like washing powder, loo roll and nappies.

What will you be doing for Charity this Christmas?

Love, Dannii


5 thoughts on “Blogmas #15: Charity at Christmas

  1. Danni, this is so precious! The kids are learning about giving and the elf idea is really cute.<3 This Christmas I am donating food to our local homeless peoples' cafe. I am so happy you did a post on charity 🙂

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