Get Organised!

We’ve all done it… Forgot someone’s birthday, parties creep up on you, need to rearrange plans because you’ve double booked yourself? We’ve all been there.

Organisation is paramount for me, I’m a liiiittle bit of a control freak, so it’s important I know what’s going on at all times. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not knowing where your head is it for the day. I also find my anxiety flares up when life is chaotic.

Easier said than done?! It doesn’t have to be. Keep reading for my top tips to clear your mind & surroundings of clutter & enjoy a more organised, less chaotic life.

Cluttered Home, Cluttered Brain!

I firmly believe in this. I’m not sure you need to hire a Feng Shui expert just yet, it’s just a case of taking your home room by room and having a good clear out! For REALLY cluttered homes you might need to set aside a day or two, other homes may only need an hour. Invest your time in doing this thoroughly & it will be so easy to keep on top of.

There is actually Psychology behind this, read about it here.

Clutter is stress you don’t need. Reuse beauty boxes, stack your pantry nicely. Pound Stretcher do some fab storage boxes & crates for craft supplies, washing powders etc.

Buy an Organiser

And use it! Make it a part of your routine to check it daily. I have this one from Amazon. It’s so handy and has plenty of pages/boxes/lists to keep you in check & you’ll never miss a birthday again!

Pages upon pages of handy tools, budgeting, meal planners… There are even stickers for parties, nights out, Dentist, MOTs etc. Soooo handy!

Quick Clear Ups:

A really, really fun* game for my kids is to set a timer for say, 5 minutes, and to do a quick round up of toys from the play room. They love to see if they can beat the clock – helps us too with getting them involved. Win win!

*it’s not that fun, really. They just haven’t discovered that part yet.

I also like to make sure I give the house a quick clear up before I go to bed, so I can start the next day afresh again.

Meal Plan:

Not only will you spend less, you’ll most likely eat healthier & feel less stressed come 5pm. The amount of times I used to nip to the shop because we fancied pizza (well, actually, I hadn’t defrosted the chicken breasts so had nothing else available).

You can buy fridge meal planners, or you could just use your organiser.

Our local Butchers do a Monday pack for 5 family meals (lasagne, pie, chicken breast, sausages & mince). Handy for freezing & I can usually squeeze an extra meal out of the chicken & mince!

Meh! Birthday Cards:

I buy in bulk, Card Factory are very affordable – or support a local small business – pop them away so you haven’t got to keep rushing out and buying a card every time Facebook reminds you at 3pm on the day of a relative’s birthday. (Yeah Facebook, you should really think about doing a birthday WARNING the day before!)

Tomorrow is only a sleep away!

I usually try to pick my clothes out before I go to sleep so there’s no rushing  around in the morning trying to piece an outfit together (I cannot dress myself in stressful situations, unless I want to look like the 80s threw up on me). I do the same for my kids. As I’m listening to them complain they are hungry, thirsty, heard a noise, want a 12th cuddle & their duvet is bent at the corner, I set aside their uniforms*

*socks still go missing, by the way.

Keep Your Routine Structured:

Not too much, live a little! I get up at 7am and I’m done getting ready by 7:30, this gives me time to get my Sergeant hat on & a good 10 minutes of ear bashing the kids to brush their teeth and stop arguing before breakfast & braiding my Daughter’s hair into the most outrageous design she spotted on Pinterest.

Early Bird – Stop Snoozing!

The snooze button is NOT your friend. It is pure evil in its evilist form – it is really taunting you, laughing in your face 5 minutes later just as you delve into a blissful sleep.  “You snooze, you lose”, yeah – keep that in mind!

Overall, organisation is key in my little opinion. Quite often I fall off the organised bandwagon but I always get back on it at some point – as hard as that may be sometimes! Some structure is needed day to day and although we tend to enjoy lazy weekends, I like the way we work in our house. I really don’t spend long cleaning/tidying because I do little bits often. I think energy creates energy. If you drag yourself off the sofa to go sort out your floordrobe you’ll probably have cleaned your entire bedroom within an hour because you’re on a roll!

Love, Dannii


4 thoughts on “Get Organised!

  1. Great post! While some of these I’ve started using such as utilizing a planner, I never even thought about a few! I am definitely going to try and be more strict with myself about hitting that snooze button! I hit it sooo often! Great post!

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