Brow Tutorial : Everyday Brows

We all know the quote… “Brows should be sisters, not twins”. Quite frankly, mine sometimes look like third cousins, but this should be a helpful post none-the-less! When it comes to brows, I should know my stuff as I’ve been pencilling them in since the early Naughties.

I wanted to share a really in-depth guide on how I like to do my brows. I really have very little to work with and my natural brow shape isn’t ANYTHING like how I do them.

Most brow tutorials show you how to ‘fill them in’ whereas mine will hopefully show you how to ‘draw them on’!


It’s so simple, you only need one product and one applicator.

I use the Make Up Revolution E104 brush (£1.99). I hear all sorts of great things about more expensive brush brands but in all honestly, I’ve been using this brush for about 7 months and it’s always worked well for me!

I love how thin it is, this really helps define the tail of the brow & create hair strokes.

I also use Freedom Brow Pomade in Dark Brown (£5)

It is renowned for drying out but I mix some coconut oil with it and it’s lasted brilliantly. Great dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow!


1) I always start by drawing a straight line under the brow from my inner to outer corner of my actual eye.

2) Then I draw the tail down using the following nose/outer corner of the eye trick to know where to end it:

(Pic from Google!)

3) Then I do the same above the brow & start shading it in!

4) With a little bit of time spent blending, I don’t use any additional product, just what is left on my brush.

5) Then I angle my brush vertically and start trying to create hair definition on the inner part of the brow.

6) Then I comb through to remove any product build up – this also helps to blend – and taa-daa! I’m done!

Like I said, this is just a simple everyday brow routine. When I want them to look extra I also carve out with concealer & use brow gel.

I would like to do more pictorials when I have time so watch this space!

Love, Dannii


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