Pug Puppy Love

Lenny is our 7 months old Pug puppy and will probably feature quite heavily as my blog continues; because I just wuv, wuv, wuv de ickle dude! (Why do we talk to dogs like babies?!)

He’s been with us since he was 12 weeks old and cost a bomb – but he was worth every penny! We have wanted a pug for forever, but I’d always worked full time and we never had the wad of money to hand over. We had been more serious the months leading up to Lenny’s arrival as I then was mostly a stay at home Mum (working only ahandful  of hours each week) but we didn’t have the foggiest where to start.

A chance encounter! I’ll take you back to meeting the breeder (unless you’re only here for the adorable pics, in which case, enjoy!). I was walking back from a trip to the park when we saw a lady & her Daughter with 3 beautiful pugs. We were made up, our favourite breed and they not only lived in our village, they lived directly opposite us! Cue a million questions from me; where did you get them from? Are they expensive? Are they easy to train? Blah blah. Turned out they were registered breeders! Say WHAAAAAAT?!

We swapped details but 6 months went by and we heard nothing. I popped a note through her door which said “we’re still interested, please don’t forget us!” & I got a phone call the next day. Their award winning bitch was pregnant! 

We spent the next 3-4 months researching the breed, buying important things like bow ties and bunny toys & popping over at every given opportunity for snuggles and catch ups until we finally brought him home.

The rest is history. Meet our Lenny!


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