Best Drug Store Highlighters

Highlighter is the new 90’s sperm-brow, the 80’s perm. One day when we’re 80 and showing our Grandchildren our style faux pas, they will probably wonder why Grandma took fashion advice from the Tin Man.

Yet we love it! Who cares what little people think in 50 years time when we look SO glowy and faaaaabulous now?! *clicks fingers and pouts*

Here are my top drug store highlighters that will give you the ultimate glow for pennies!

I’ll start with one released in August; Make Up Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Liquid Gold for £6. You can buy this from Tam Beauty or Superdrug. It’s a much bigger dupe for Iconic London’s original version & gives a beautiful airbrushed glow with very little blending effort. If you’re feeling extra, you can use powder highlight over the top for a mighty  pop!

Sticking with Make Up Revolution, their Shimmer Brick Radiant Highlighter for £3 is FAB! You can buy this from Tam Beauty or Superdrug too. I use this every day & it has the most beautiful selection of bronzey and gold colours. You can use them on their own or swirl your brush for a super pigmented mix!

If you wanted a more subtle glow, try this Technic Highlighter from Amazon for the crazy price of £2.19! It’s very pretty, ideal for the paler beauties amongst you & isn’t too blinding.

This Glowcomotion from W7 (£6.95) was my first ever highlighter & I still love it now! It is really pigmented and it lasts ages!

Have you tried any of these?

Love, Dannii x


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