BRAND TALK: Make Up Revolution

If you follow me on Instagram (*shameless plug!* find me here) you’ll know it’s no secret I’m a huge fan of this brand. Nearly every one of my looks involve a Make Up Revolution product (or 5). I’m not sponsored, I get no discount, I’m just a huge fan & like to purchase their latest […]

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Pink Parcel October 2017

It’s ‘that’ time of the month. Pink Parcel delivery day! It’s bitter sweet as it also means my period is due, boooo! If you haven’t heard of Pink Parcel, you NEED to go check them out. They’re a monthly subscription box costing £10.50 including delivery (one of the cheapest boxes you’ll find!) filled with products […]

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Favourite British YouTubers

I have in excess of 700 channels on Virgin, access to Netflix & housework to do, yet I am always drawn to checking out my favourite YouTubers first to see what new content they’ve brought out. I’m mostly subscribed to beauty and make up related YouTubers but I like Vlogs too, I like to feel […]

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Brow Tutorial : Everyday Brows

We all know the quote… “Brows should be sisters, not twins”. Quite frankly, mine sometimes look like third cousins, but this should be a helpful post none-the-less! When it comes to brows, I should know my stuff as I’ve been pencilling them in since the early Naughties. I wanted to share a really in-depth guide […]

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Christmas Day Outfit Inspiration

Yes, yes, I’ve said it. The ‘C’ word again. More importantly is the ‘O’ word… Outfit. Christmas is one of THE most photographed times of the year. Whether it’s meals with family, Christmas Day or works dos. You are going to be in pictures spanning decades, with future generations looking back at wonderful memories. You […]

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Pug Puppy Love

Lenny is our 7 months old Pug puppy and will probably feature quite heavily as my blog continues; because I just wuv, wuv, wuv de ickle dude! (Why do we talk to dogs like babies?!) He’s been with us since he was 12 weeks old and cost a bomb – but he was worth every […]

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Best Drug Store Highlighters

Highlighter is the new 90’s sperm-brow, the 80’s perm. One day when we’re 80 and showing our Grandchildren our style faux pas, they will probably wonder why Grandma took fashion advice from the Tin Man. Yet we love it! Who cares what little people think in 50 years time when we look SO glowy and […]

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Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

If you read my post last week (this one) you’ll know I LOVE Autumn/Winter for the clothing & colours! I wanted to share the contents of my many baskets which are sat patiently waiting to rinse my bank account come payday. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it all at once but I may hint for Christmas!  […]

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