How to Blag a Head Massage 

My lovely Husband regularly plays with my hair <without realising he’s doing it half the time>.
There is a trick to this and I’m willing to share this with you, my friends. You can thank me later.

  1. Get up from your sofa spot (which, lets face it, is usually the furthest point from your partner) & do something. Nip to the loo, get a drink, go eat a few squares of the chocolate you hid in the cupboard from Hubby & the kids – obviously eat it before you make your way back to your significant other, leave no trace, don’t be rumbled. 
  2. Make your way back to the sofa but cuddle up next to your partner, preferably in prime head massage/hair playing position, ie head on lap. Be careful, this can easily be misconstrued by the male species.
  3. Give it 5-10 mins, don’t miss these next 2 steps and go straight into step 5 otherwise you’ll never get away with it.
  4. Play with your own hair on his lap, be careful again, you don’t want this to lead anywhere BUT a head massage at this point…
  5. He’ll probably rest his hand on your shoulder or waist. PRETEND TO ITCH THERE! This is where practice makes perfect, you scratch under his hand and then gently move it up to your hair. 
  6. The minute, no – wait – the SECOND he touches your hair say “ahh that’s so nice” lots of praise, lots of encouragement, ooh-ahh if you must. 
  7. Stay DEAD still. Do not move an inch. The second you move, twist, turn, get up – it’s game over for you my friend. 

Guys, apologies for the crappy camera angle but I couldn’t be rumbled, so you’ll have to accept this shoddy photo and appreciate the effort it took to take it without the Husband asking what I was up to.

Have you managed to blag a head massage using my tips? Any other ideas I can use to ensure my Husband remains under the thumb? 


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